Pique Nique d'automne/ Fall Picnic

Une fois n'est pas coutume,
un billet en anglais
-plein de fautes, sans doute,
plein d'amitié, sûrement !-
pour ma professeur et mes camarades de classe
afin de célébrer nos retrouvailles
de fin d'après midi !

Sitting under the rose bush, she's waiting for her friends ...
She took her little basket and she put in some candies and tea
( Mum said it was really too small to put in all the chocolate-chestnut cakes )


She's waiting for her friends, singing  for herself :

" Singin', one, two, three
Let's have some tea
And four, five, six,
eatin' blackberries,
Dancin' six to ten,
in the garden !"

" We 're going to gather apples and pick up some late flowers,
climb up the trees, play hide-and-seek  and have picnic !"
Juliane said : " Rendez-vous at the green meadow on sunday afternoon
for our graduation picnic, we 'll have fun all together !"


So, all dressed up in red, wearing her brand new shoes
( they hurt her big toe a little, but she loves so much them !),
sitting beside the chocolate-chestnut cakes,
she's waiting for her friends ...


A little story as a very humble tribute to the lovely Fröken Skicklig 's ones.
( in english, with some mistakes and lots of friendship,

for my dear teacher and classmates !)

Edit d'un peu plus tard ...
It was a marvelous day !

with lots of fun, games and adventures !

( have look here)

I know a little doll who needs some rest ...






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